Shen. Valley Hires High School English Instructor In One-Minute Special Meeting

Shenandoah – Shenandoah Valley filled a teaching vacancy Monday night is probably one of the board meetings that happened in the shortest amount of time possible.

Monday night at 6 o’clock, the Shenandoah Valley School District Board of Education held a special meeting with only one item on the agenda.

The board decided to recruit a high school English teacher, notwithstanding the absence of any members of the public who might have offered their opinions and Superintendent Brian Waite’s lack of a report.

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The board will employ Jessica Reynolds for the 2022–23 academic year at a prorated $51,060 Masters Step 9 wage following a unanimous 6-0 vote.

Members Leslie Gilroy, Karen Kayes, Jodi Loughlin, Anita Monahan, John Petritsch, and Daniel Salvadore voted in favor of the hiring. Margaret Shustack, Helene Creasy, and Joseph Buchanan were not present.

The board then decided to adjourn the meeting at 6:01. Please share this with your friends if you find it interesting. Visit for more updates and breaking news.

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