Youth of 16 Age Fatally Shot in Highland Park, Teen Suspect Charged

Late Monday, a 16-year-old kid was accused with sh00ting and murd*ring a 16-year-old boy in Highland Park over the weekend.

According to the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force, Estiven Sarminento, of Highland Park, shot and ki!!ed 16-year-old Omar Diaz of Highwood.

Investigators suspect Diaz was a friend of Sarminento’s and that they had a long-running feud around 11:30 a.m. Sunday, officers responded to a report of a shooting in the 2300 block of Green Bay Road. Highwood resident Omar Diaz died at Highland Park Hospital.

According to police, Diaz was walking on the sidewalk when the shooter approached her. Before the shoot, the two had a quick talk.

Youth of 16 Age Fatally Shot in Highland Park, Teen Suspect Charged

According to witnesses, the male suspect, who was clothed all in black, departed the scene on a bicycle. However, further investigation revealed that the suspect most likely fled the scene on foot after the shooting.

A police K-9 tracked the offender’s scent, but it was lost at a neighboring road, according to authorities.

Authorities, however, claim that collected evidence, interviews, and video surveillance led them to conclude that Sarminento shot and ki!!ed Diaz.

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Sarmiento was arrested on Monday by Lake County Major Crimes Task Force investigators and Highland Park police detectives, and he faces two counts of first-degree murder as an adult. Sarminento’s bond hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

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