Italian High School Student Attαcks Teacher With Kn!fe, Waves Toy G*n

ROME — On Monday, a student allegedly injured his teacher with a hunting kn!fe and flashed what turned out to be a fake gun at classmates in a high school in a suburb of Milan. The police said the weapon was a toy g*n.

According to the Italian news agency ANSA, classmates later recalled that the 16-year-old student abruptly stood up immediately after classes began in the hamlet of Abbiategrasso and assaulted the teacher from behind on the arm and on her head.

Italian High School Student Attacks Teacher With Knife, Waves Toy Gun

The local branch of the Italian news agency reported this information. The other pupils escaped the classroom as the perpetrator waved a g*n in their direction.

When the officers entered the room, the teen was seated on the floor alone with no one else present in the classroom, and they said they encountered no opposition from him.

A Twitter page nde shared the same incident on its Twitter account:

As per the images that were issued by the police, the blood!ed kn!fe and the revolver were found lying on a notebook resting on a desk.

As per the reports, the 51-year-old educator suffered significant blood loss, was taken to the hospital, and was shocked. As stated by the authorities, the student was reportedly carried to a hospital’s psychiatric department with injuries that appeared to have been inflicted on themselves.

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The school’s principal, Michele Raffaeli, told reporters gathered outside the building that the boy in question had been having difficulties in his academic work and that his parents had been asked to attend a meeting with school officials on Tuesday.

The Minister of Education, Giuseppe Valditara, paid a visit to the teacher who was injured while he was in the hospital.

“The teacher had done her work in an exemplary way for the boy, who had already had several issues,” the minister said.

Valditara says: “We must say ‘enough’ to aggression so that schools can be safe places and, at the same time, reflect on introducing (the figure of) a psychologist” in schools.

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