Las Vegas Trade School Expands To Cater To Neighboring States

Los Angeles — Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC trades are taught to men and women at the National Technical Institute in Las Vegas. Currently, it is improving access to vocational schools for residents of nearby states.

For people who want to enroll on the East Coast, the program is also getting ready to launch a brand-new campus in Houston, Texas.

8 News Now has previously written about the program’s success and the program’s astronomical enrolment during and after the outbreak.

Las Vegas Trade School Expands To Cater To Neighboring States

As the curriculum was created by contractors, according to CEO Ryan Woodward, graduates of these programs are guaranteed entry-level employment.

“Contractors have approved what we teach,” Woodward added.

“We have advisory boards of contractors who say ‘this is what we want the guys and gals to know when they come out.’ They can put them on a team, with another employee and they go to work and generate revenue. That’s the secret: the contractors have told us what they want, and that’s all we teach.”

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According to Woodward, students from 46 of the 50 states attend NTI.

Woodward claimed that NTI has developed a better method for making trade school programs more accessible for those traveling from surrounding states.

“We’ve condensed it to where they can watch all the instruction on video at home, then come to our campus on a Friday and Saturday and do all their labs,” Woodward explained.

“In a two-month period, they can graduate. It makes it very convenient for these other communities that don’t have a trade school. They can come here and get exact training, and go back there and work.”

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