Middle School Teacher In Georgia Fired Following Arrest For Child P*rnography

“Our campus police department was informed by SPD that Mr. Chellathurai was under investigation as a private citizen in October 2022. When the district became aware of the investigation, plans were immediately implemented to remove him from the classroom environment. He would not return to the school pending the outcome of the investigation. As we understand, he was taken into custody and remains there now. The district has taken final steps to release any remaining contractual obligations through the Fair Dismissal Hearing and subsequent action of the Board today. The hearing held Wednesday, June 21, was the formal termination of his contract and he is not eligible to reapply for employment with SCCPSS.”

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The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office has filed charges against Chellathura for allegedly molesting minors, cruelly treating children, attempting criminal acts, and making false claims and writings.

The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office is detaining him.

The hearing for Chellathurai is scheduled to take place in August. WCIV-TV reports that he has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

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