Mustang Public Schools Receives Non-Credible Social Media Threat

MUSTANG, Oklahoma — Information concerning a weekend non-credible social media threat against one of Mustang Public Schools’ schools was made public.

According to a statement emailed to families and the public late Saturday night, the district learned about a “troubling comment” on a social media post about a threat against Meadow Brook Intermediate School.

Investigations by law enforcement officials and the Canadian County Threat Assessment and Management Team revealed that a former intermediate school student made the comment as a joke.

Mustang Public Schools Receives Non-Credible Social Media Threat

There was no real threat to the school, according to the investigation.

“It is not fun or funny to make threats towards schools or others. Those who choose this path face disciplinary consequences and legal action, including possible felony charges,” said the district’s release.

Even while Mustang Public Schools will continue to have all school resource officers on duty and stationed around the district, the district stated as of Sunday night that it feels the problem has been rectified.

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“As you know, it is our goal to communicate with transparency and in as timely a manner as possible. It is important to note that during an active investigation, we balance the public right to know with not interfering with the police investigation,” said the district’s news release.

“This is often a difficult path to navigate, but we vow to always try to do our best to inform you and avoid interference with any investigation(s).”

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