Bomb Threat Made at Northeast Indiana Middle School!

On Tuesday, police were told that two students at Fremonth Middle School made a bomb threat.

A Facebook post from Freemont Community Schools says a student said the school would go “1, 2, 3, boom.” Another student who heard that said, “I really think he will do it, I think he will blow up the school.”

The students were taken out of school to keep things from getting worse.

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Two other students who rode the same bus as the two students who were suspended say they overheard a conversation that made them think the two students were planning an attack on the school.

Those kids told their parents, who then called the police. The school said the two suspects would be removed while police looked into what happened.

No one has figured out who the suspects are or caught them. If you want to read more exciting articles like this, you can join us on our Facebook page.


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