Threat Of A Bomb At Parrish Community High School

Florida’s PARRISH (WWSB) – Parrish Community High School was evacuated for several hours on Tuesday morning after receiving a bomb threat, according to school officials.

“As a result of the bomb threat this morning, School Administrators are performing a safe evacuation of school buildings and sending students to a safe and open portion of the campus while the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office performs a sweep of our campus,” a message to parents stated.

Students may be seen sitting in the football stadium bleachers in a video that was given to ABC7. Prior to being abandoned, the school had intended to shuttle kids from Parrish to the Manatee County Fairgrounds for parent pickup.

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After some time, students were permitted to return to their classrooms, and the school day concluded on schedule. “We apologize for the changes in plans throughout the day, but every action has been taken in the interest of student and staff safety,” In an email, parents were informed.

The anonymous threat was received on the school’s FortifyFL app, according to a message to parents and families from school authorities. “As always, the school will be working with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and district security on responding to this anonymous threat,” the notice said.

Threat Of A Bomb At Parrish Community High School
Threat Of A Bomb At Parrish Community High School

This has caused uncertainty and rumours among kids and parents in the wake of a threat on February 6 and two prior lockdowns spurred on by medical issues at the school.

The whole message text is as follows: Families and parents, This morning, an anonymous bomb threat was made against Parrish Community High via the FortifyFL app.

As usual, the school’s response to this anonymous threat will be coordinated with district security, the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, and other law enforcement agencies. They will do this while adhering to all appropriate procedures and guidelines regarding bomb threats.

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As police require time and space to conduct their investigation, kindly refrain from visiting the campus at this time. We’ll keep you informed of what’s happening.

Please inform your pupils that anyone participating in threats against schools will face substantial criminal penalties as well as school district repercussions. I’m grateful. At 3:30 pm, the school will host a press conference.

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