Ex-Woodland High School Employee Accused Of “Inappropriate Conduct” With Students

WOODLAND, California – The Woodland police department is looking into accusations that a former employee of Woodland Christian School engaged in inappropriate behavior with high school pupils.

There are around 750 pupils enrolled in kindergarten all the way through high school at the private Woodland Christian School. The claims have taken Angel Tapia, who is a parent, by surprise.

“It’s a very small private community and they worship God, so I’m just kind of shocked right now,” Tapia stated.

Ex-Woodland High School Employee Accused Of "Inappropriate Conduct" With Students

We will not disclose the identity of the former employee accused in connection with this incident, which, according to the authorities, reportedly took place away from the main campus not too long ago.

The inappropriate interaction between the female employee and the high school lads was reported to the police on the evening of May 11, by a school official who called the police.

The same incident covered by a youtube video on KCRA 3, You Can watch down below.

The number of students who are believed to have participated in the incident was not disclosed by the police.

Administrator Ryan Devine sent an email message to the parents of students enrolled in middle school and high school alerting them to the complaints of a female employee, who was not a teacher, and who was accused of inappropriate behavior with one or more male students from the high school.

kcranews shared a tweet about the same matter. You can read down below.

Per their instructions, she is prohibited from interacting with the students at this time.

“Our focus is on supporting students and their families,” Devine stated.

You can also read out latest school news coverage we have listed you below:

He also mentioned that they aim to safeguard the safety and well-being of the pupils.

“Seems like they took the right steps in finding out what really took place,” Tapia stated.

The authorities have indicated that the inquiry may take some time to complete. The investigators could need to issue subpoenas for social media sites and mobile phones. The former worker is in her early 20s and has not been arrested or taken into custody.

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