Government of La Rioja Launches a Campaign To Increase Interest in Science

For the regional Executive, which is making this action coincide with the celebration of the third edition of the Week of Science and Innovation in La Rioja and the commemoration of World Science Day, it is essential to support the current work of scientists and science, as well as promoting education and scientific vocations with the aim of making young people more critical and responsible and have an in-depth understanding of current challenges.

What are the only two letters that do not appear in the periodic table? Why are Alexa or Siri called that, and not Ramona or Josefina? How long is a nanosecond in the Metaverse? With these curious questions, the Government of La Rioja presents the Science and Innovation dissemination campaign that begins today with the aim of promoting interest in these areas of knowledge.

For the regional Executive, it is essential to support and encourage scientific vocations, increase scientific culture among citizens, as well as disseminate the role of male and female scientists as providers of new knowledge that help solve problems and facilitate the understanding of what what happens around us. The priority objective of the Government of La Rioja with this campaign is to disseminate and recognize the role of scientific progress as a fundamental element in our lives to protect our health, move towards sustainable and environmentally friendly development, to raise the standard of living of society and to facilitate social and cultural progress.

Thank you for watching In this context, if we think about La Rioja of tomorrow, it is not only necessary to support the current work of our scientists, but it is also essential to promote education and scientific vocations with the aim that young people be more critical and responsible in decision-making and have a deeper understanding of current challenges.

Consequently, it is essential to develop policies aimed at promoting scientific culture, bringing science closer, promoting passion and interest in new knowledge, encouraging restlessness, critical capacity, reflection and curiosity, sowing that “bug” among adults of tomorrow, disseminating knowledge in an entertaining way and promoting confidence in the scientific method as the system through which to obtain answers and address the main challenges posed by the current context and the immediate future.

To this end, the Government of La Rioja, in collaboration with all the agents of the Science, Technology and Innovation System in the region and in coordination with the University of La Rioja and the Logroño City Council, have organized and developed different activities and actions for all audiences aimed at creating and strengthening scientific vocations within the Science and Innovation Week in La Rioja, which this year celebrates its third edition.

In addition, in the coming days, this Thursday, November 10, the World Science Day for Peace and Development will be celebrated and it already has an active digital community such as the Ciencia La Rioja channel. In addition, among the axes of action of the dissemination campaign is also that of promoting scientific dissemination activities promoted by the Government of La Rioja.

Promoting interest in science and its method, especially among the youngest, promoting creativity and the innovative talent of the student community, fostering the scientific vocations of young people from La Rioja, developing the capacity for observation and creativity, helping to discover scientific vocations, eradicating myths and facilitating the transfer of knowledge from the generating centers to society.

The Science and Innovation campaign is aimed at all of La Rioja society since it is considered essential to involve all age groups in order to promote interest in science among the largest number of people possible. For this reason, the Government of La Rioja makes a website available to citizens where they can expand and consult all the information regarding this campaign, These actions are aligned with the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan of La Rioja 2022-2024 and, in particular, with its axis 1 “Culture of science, technology and innovation” whose objective is to make society aware of scientific advances and the results achieved in R&D projects +i and influence the younger population to awaken interest in science and promote vocations from an early age.

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