Corrections Policy

Blhsnews relies on all the information available when the news is reported to give its viewers accurate and comprehensive news items. We make every attempt to correct any errors in the information on Our Website as soon as we become aware of them.

Together with correcting the error in our content, we also offer a digital channel for running clarifications and corrections on our social media accounts or for providing an editor’s note describing the modifications made and precisely what the problem was.

If we commit a serious error that can cause misleading information to propagate, we swiftly and appropriately apologize to our readers.

Revision of a Report

We always note when an article has been updated in the notes section. We must provide readers with a correction, clarification, or editor’s note anytime. We modify a theme to reflect input and updates from a stakeholder or if We fix a significant error.

We update the article as appropriate and mention in bold at the top of the page, “[Correction: updated Info…],” what was changed when a factual inaccuracy is found during our fact-check (which is done by our fact-check policy, which is available at [“Fact-Check Policy”]).

Also, readers are welcome to suggest revisions at the end of each story, and we invite community members to report errors to [email protected].


Suppose We are materially changing a written article, a photo caption, a headline, a graphic, a video, or any other type of content. In that case, we immediately issue a correction explaining why the change was made.


When Our work contains factual facts, but the language used to portray those facts is not crystal clear or specific enough, the text changes, and an explanation is added to the story. A clarification is also used to show that we overlooked something that was subsequently added to the report, revised how we originally stated something or received additional information.

Editor’s comments

An editor’s comment is necessary if a correction poses a significant ethical quandary or calls into question the article’s natural substance. The penalty will then be explained in this editor’s note. A senior editor must provide the go-ahead for an editor’s note to be included in a story.

Regulations for alternative corrections

If a reader finds an issue and reports it to the comment stream, our community engagement team can note in the comments that it has been repaired.

We correct any incorrect information that we post on social media. We retract the false statement if we are unable to do so. We don’t criticize any particular editors or reporters (e.g., “because of an editing fault” or “because of a reporting error”).

Removal Demands

We do not consider takedown requests because it goes against our editorial standards. If the subject questions the report’s accuracy, we are prepared to check into it and, if necessary, publish a correction.

While assessing if any editorial action is required, we oblige where fairness demands an update or follow-up on our past reporting. But, we do not remove the piece as if it had never been published.

When a person is genuinely at risk of suffering physical harm due to the presence of the item, we only take removal requests for publicly accessible personal data into account.