Artist Leak Details About Ebru Art Of Marbling Technique

Ebru Art or Marbled Paper is a painting technique created on a watery surface With this drawings similar to marble patterns are achieved Among its uses the support for Turkish calligraphy stands out In addition in our culture it is often used for binding Maybe you did not know him by this name but surely you have seen him as a keeper of some bookbinding Here we leave you a tutorial on binding in case you are interested in this world

Although its exact origin is not very clear it dates back to the 15th century There have been indications of its use in Central Asia and in much of the Islamic world It should be noted that in Islamic culture it is still used to highlight some texts such as verses from the Quran In Europe marbled paper appeared in the 17th century At that time they appeared together with the merchants and merchants Despite this its manufacture and production did not become popular until the 19th century

If you want to know more go through our tutorial on how to do marbling and dont miss the whole process On the one hand you can make marbled paper at home To make these papers oil inks are used on a surface or water tank As these two elements do not mix small spaces of isolated color are generated that are later adhered to the paper

Color is very important in Ebru Art it can be applied in a single or varied tonal scale The color is applied with a brush spitting small drops into the water tank Afterwards the silhouette of the colored sections is worked with various elements such as bars bamboo or brushes To transfer the result of the drawing to paper is generally used The washi wa Japanese and shi paper is very resistant because it is made of wood pulp

On the other hand you can easily make Ebru Art with marbling paints These paints allow you to achieve easier and faster results The marbling paint is available in dropper bottles to make it more convenient to work with In addition there are multiple colors and they are miscible with each other.

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