Arts That Glorify The Mothers Love in Comedic Expression

Due to their beauty breasts are present in innumerable works of art but this time we are not only focusing on their shape but on one of their functions breastfeeding This act in addition to providing nourishment to a recent life is also a particular moment in which a scene is created between the nursing woman and the baby.

We do not want to delve into the qualifications of a special or intimate moment since it may or may not be Simply to point out that women who choose to breastfeed do so numerous times a day and for months or even several years thus generating thousands of scenes and moments that can be beautiful and intimate but also painful comedic frustrating or very sleepy.

In this way the culture collects this idyllic moment for some routine for the majority and with peculiarities in each case For this reason on the occasion of Breastfeeding Week officially proclaimed by the World Health Organization and UNICEF from August 1 to 7 we make a compilation of various cultural representations in which breastfeeding is present However specify that in Europe also in Spain to coincide with the summer holidays this week is usually moved to October.

In the Prado National Museum the most important cultural institution in Spain you can see several works such as La Virgen de la Leche dated around 1490 by Master Bartolomé The Virgin of the Rosary between Santo Domingo and San Pedro Mártir from the first third of the 16th century La Virgen con el Niño from around 1500 by Jan Provost or La Virgen y las ánimas del Purgatorio from 1517 by Pedro Machuca among many others that are also available on his website.

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