Severna Park Student Disciplined for Bullying
Severna Park Student Disciplined for Bullying

Severna Park Student Disciplined for Bullying Special Needs Student on Video

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A student at Severna Park High School was punished because a video showed him picking on another student with special needs. Anne Arundel County Public Schools couldn’t say for sure what the student’s punishment is, but the school district’s handbook lists several options, such as suspension, paying restitution, and being taken out of class temporarily.

Severna Park High School sent a letter to parents on Tuesday telling them that they are looking into a video that was airdropped to some students and staff.

It shows a student picking on another student. Lindsay Abruzzo, the principal of the school, says that the video shows a student talking with a student with special needs during lunch. The student says things like “a racial epithet” and “phrases that are belittling and demeaning to a person with special needs.”

Officials from the school also said that the student with special needs was in danger. Principal Abruzzo said that the actions were wrong and asked anyone who knew more to speak up.

“As a school community, we must never condemn children. However, I do condemn the actions in this video in the strongest possible terms,” she said. “They are unacceptable anywhere, especially in a school setting where part of our mission as a collective community is to cultivate students who are kind, accepting, and inclusive.”

AACPS chief communications officer Bob Mosier says that the victim and his family have talked to the school every day. “This is a traumatic thing for anybody right? Nobody should be subjected to the type of language that this student was subjected to,” Mosier said. “In a school setting, outside of a school setting, it just should not happen.”

In the course of their investigation, school officials have also found out which student took the video. They still don’t know who dropped it from the air. In her letter, Principal Abruzzo also praised the students and staff who quickly went to the office to report the video.

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“Their quick and decisive action – and, quite frankly, their anger at the situation – shows that the behaviour depicted in this video is not reflective of our overall student population,” she said.

That is something that makes Alberta Fluharty feel better. Both of her kids went to Severna Park High School and graduated. When she heard about this video, it upset her. “The more people are aware about it and care, the better chance of it being fixed and remedied,” she said. “Being prevented from happening again.”

Mosier told students to tell a school counselor or administrator if they ever feel unsafe or see something like what was shown in the video… Follow us on The Express to find out about more news like this.

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