U.S. Attorney Gets Funds To Stop Youth Crime Before It Starts

MT Missoula the KGVO-AM News) In an exclusive interview with KGVO News on Friday, Montana’s U.S. Attorney Jesse Laslovich discussed the state’s share of funding from the U.S. Department Office for Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention.

“Far too frequently, our work at the U.S. Department of Justice is reactionary; after a crime has been committed, it is investigated, and our office works to successfully hold offenders accountable,” said Laslovich. But it often seems like a never-ending cycle, so in my opinion, a lot of the work needs to focus on prevention.

Reaching out to young people who are at high risk of becoming delinquent, who are already interacting with the juvenile justice system, or who face suspension or expulsion is intended to reduce crime before it even occurs.

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He said, “I’m happy with the US Department of Justice. There is the Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention, which is a part of the Office of Justice Programs. They issued funds to various groups across the nation, including those in your area in the Bitterroot and in Missoula. In Montana, we received over $600,000 that went to the Montana Board of Crime Control, which is affiliated with the State Department of Justice.

The Proof Is In The Results Through These Programs

According to Laslovich, these initiatives have reduced youth-related criminal behaviour in localities across the state.

He claimed that concentrating on strategies to stop criminal activity would be beneficial in the long run. “If we accomplish this, I believe it will be worthwhile, even if we only change one life. With the way they track everything, I believe we’ll have an impact on several lives.

I’m happy about this because it’s another illustration of how our office collaborates with local and state partners to benefit our communities and, most importantly, our children.

As the discussion came to a close, Laslovich acknowledged the recent spike in fentanyl overdose fatalities in the state and issued one stark and perilous warning to Montana’s youth.

U.S. Attorney Gets Funds To Stop Youth Crime Before It Starts

What he remarked was that “people don’t seem to comprehend is that the tip of a pencil sharpened pencil is fentanyl and it may be lethal.” It doesn’t take much, so those who are considering trying something different may decide they won’t take fentanyl after all. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that it will also include fentanyl, which will kill them. Yes, this will contribute to spreading the message that we need to get across.

Four Big Brothers Big Sisters programmes, two Boys and Girls Clubs, CASA Missoula, YWCA Missoula, Friendship House of Christian Service, the Center for Restorative Youth Justice, Bitterroot Ecological Awareness Resources, and Chippewa Cree Tribal Court are among the organisations that Montana plans to support. Yellowstone, Hill, Silver Bow, Gallatin, Park, Missoula, Flathead, and Ravalli counties will be included in the service areas.

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