Adult Assault of Student at Dayton Middle School Sparks Safety Concerns

DAYTON — At a middle school in Dayton, Ohio, an adult can be seen in a recent video that is going viral on social media slamming a student to the ground while hundreds of other pupils watch.

Over the course of the weekend, a number of individuals forwarded the video to News Center 7, stating that the adult portrayed in it is the principal of Wogaman Middle School. We are still seeking to verify the identities of the two people seen in the short video footage that lasts around five seconds.

The Dayton Public Schools have acknowledged that they are aware of the existence of the video and have stated that an investigation is currently being conducted.

The District is aware of the video and has taken the necessary actions to handle the situation. Elizabeth Lolli, the superintendent of Dayton Public Schools, issued a statement in which she noted that the district is prohibited by policy from commenting on personnel matters.

While she was watching the film, a woman who had just recently graduated from Dayton Public Schools had a surprised reaction.

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In other words, he was meant to be the head of the school, right? According to what Maria Leon stated to News Center 7, “I mean he was supposed to be the principal, right? He’s the one that is supposed to protect us, instead of hurting us,”

Leon was also curious about the things that weren’t revealed in the film and about the events that may have preceded the violent throwdown.

News Center 7 made contact with the Dayton police department to inquire as to whether or not they had received any complaints regarding the footage.

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