Middle School Student Arrested After Classmates Fall Ill from Consuming ‘Gummies’

A child was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance in Baton Rouge after it was alleged that the child had consumed a drug-laced consumable while attending a middle school.

According to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, a student at Southeast Middle School who was just 12 years old brought THC gummies with her and shared them with three other students in the 6th grade.

one student was transported to the hospital after becoming ill at school on Monday afternoon. It is anticipated that the child will be well.

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According to the deputies, the 12-year-old pupil who was detained and placed in juvenile jail for distributing Schedule I drugs, carrying drugs into a school zone, and possessing marijuana was the one who brought the drugs to school.

The three other students were each given a summons for being in possession of illegal substances while on school property before being returned to their parents.

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