Youngster Filmed Outside of Miami Miami Gardens’ Norland Senior High School

“Code red” are two words parents never want to hear their children say at school. Shots were fired late on Monday afternoon, forcing the lockdown of Norland Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.

Kaliyah Washington, a sixth-grader at Norland Middle School, remarked, “It’s disturbing.” Standing beside her older brother, Washington describes her terrifying start to the new week.

According to authorities, there was a fight outside the school. According to sources, a dispute broke out on school property at around 4 p.m. Several middle school students were outside on the courts when suddenly, according to a different Norland Middle School student, “We heard a bunch of shots ring off.”

The same student added, “I bolted because I’m not trying to get shot. So I sprinted inside the structure. Parents immediately discovered what had transpired from the school via an automated message, including that bullets had been fired and that a code red had been declared, and they raced to the scene.

As she waited for news on her child who was under lockdown, one parent claimed, “Said there’s fired gunshots, and they were fleeing back to the school.”

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According to Chimere Jackson, whose son attends Norland High, when there is a code red at the school, it is always concerning because you never know if it is one of your children. “All that counts is that I could contact him and make sure he was safe.”

After being protected, Lavari Washington, Kaliyah’s older brother and a pupil at Norland Middle was only concerned with one thing: his sister’s security.

I’m hoping for the best for neither my sister nor me,” stated Washington. According to sources, the 18-year-old victim left the argument. The shooter shot the victim in the arm and leg before transporting them to Aventura Hospital for medical attention.

Shots, according to eyewitnesses, were fired close to Norland High & Middle School. Some pupils stayed in their spots during the lockdown for at least an hour, while others stayed longer.

A staff member greeted what appeared to be the student’s dad while escorting a pupil and said, “So you guys are good.

Youngster Filmed Outside of Miami Miami Gardens' Norland Senior High School

Students leaving school securely while being escorted by officials expressed their gratitude for seeing their parents. Kaliyah said, “I’m happy to come out safe.

Both parents and students want to see an end to gun violence. To prevent future incidents of gun violence in our area, Jackson added, “We need to do a better job of educating our young people about gun violence.”

One student added, “I wish people would stop doing this stuff, but we can’t control how others act.” “We must transform ourselves.” What robust and sage advice from one of Norland Middle School’s intelligent students.

Authorities claim that the victim is stable; however, as of Monday evening, we are unable to confirm if the shooter has been apprehended or not.

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