A Kid From Middleburg High School Was Hurt After Being Struck by a Car on County Road 218!

Clay County Fire Rescue went to County Road 218 in Clay County after a child was hit by a car. A red GMC Sierra was going west when the accident happened, and a school bus was going east.

Before the intersection, the school bus driver drove to Melanie Lane and turned on the warning lights to let other drivers know that the bus was about to stop.

FHP says that the driver of the GMC car started to slow down in preparation for the stop. A 14-year-old student began to cross the street to get to the bus, but she didn’t look for cars coming.

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The GMC hit the child in the middle of the road. The Public Information Officer for Clay County said rescue workers arrived at the scene around 6:36 a.m. The child has been taken to a hospital nearby.

Clay County School District says it was a student from Middleburg High School. Clay County Fire Rescue just noted that drivers could use the road again.

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