Lou Reimers Obituary: Did He Graduate From Lincoln High School in San Francisco?

Lou Reimers November 15, 1926, to February 10, 2023, Louis Henry Reimers died on February 10 with his beloved Therese by his side. He had lived 96 years full of life and love.

His friends and family miss him very much, but they are very thankful for his unique love of life, his enjoyment of being with others, his kindness, and his constant wit.

Lou was proud to have lived in San Francisco his whole life. He was the son of Bernice and Louis Reimers. Throughout their long lives, he and his sister, Jo, were close.

He was a great uncle to Jordan, Erika, and Jeremy, and he was close to his niece Nancy. He was also the favorite great uncle of Loretta, Jessie, Emma, Andy, and Ben, among many others.

He went to high school in San Francisco at Lincoln High School and then went to the California Culinary Academy. Lou owned and ran L’Entrée Catering in Marin’s Strawberry Village for more than 50 years.

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Through his work, he helped people all over the Bay Area have a lot of fun and shared it with them. He was also very good at taking pictures. Rosaline was his first wife, and they were together until she died.

Later, he got together with Therese Stawowy, and they were together for more than 20 years. During that time, she says, they had a great love story and lived a “royal” life, full of fun, world travel, a small army of friends, restaurants, the theatre, and special trips to Lake Tahoe.

Even though Lou is not a Catholic, he often went to worship with Therese at Newman Hall in Berkeley. Over time, he became a much-loved member of that community, both giving and receiving great support. Lou liked a gin and tonic, but he also liked a good glass of wine.

People who were close to him want you to remember him at your favorite restaurant and maybe have a G&T in his honour. At a later time, there will be a private family service at the grave.

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