At The Plains Church Where Jimmy Carter Taught Sunday School, Churchgoers Discuss His Legacy

Plains, Ga. — Jimmy Carter, a former president, has strong ties to the Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia.

Churchgoers talked to Channel 2’s Richard Elliott on Sunday about Carter’s life, praising him despite their sadness.

“Plains is sad. We’re all sad. We knew this day was coming,” Jan Williams, a longtime member of Maranatha Baptist Church, said.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have known Williams for a very long time.

She was Amy Carter’s teacher in the fourth grade.

Kim Fuller, the niece of the former president, taught Sunday school there while Williams, who assists in running the church, was present. Carter did this for many years.

At The Plains Church Where Jimmy Carter Taught Sunday School, Churchgoers Discuss His Legacy

On Sunday, Fuller gave a lesson on King Solomon’s legacy and made some allusions to its significance.

“Maybe it’s time to pass the baton. Who’ll pick it up? No clue. I don’t know because that baton is going to be a huge one,” Fuller said.

According to a statement from the Carter Center released on Saturday, Jimmy Carter will receive home hospice care rather than more medical procedures.

Take a look at the tweet:

Deacon Zac Steele from Maranatha tried to communicate the legacy of the last president to us.

“It’s a big one. I don’t even know where we start or finish because it’ll never be finished what he’s done here,” Steele said.

Crowds of up to 400 to 500 individuals would gather to listen when Carter conducted Sunday school here.

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Williams claims that since he was forced to stop due to health issues, the crowds have reduced to just a few.

Yet, she is glad that her buddy “Mr. Jimmy,” had such an impact on many people inside and outside Maranatha Baptist Church.

“I want to say something because I want people to know this man may be leaving this world, but what a wonderful place he’s going to,” Williams said.

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