First Girl Wrestler From Paris High School Prepares for State Title Competition!

Seth Rohrbach said, “Where we’re at today is where we didn’t think we were going to be.” Seth Rohrbach is the wrestling coach at Paris High School for the first time.

He is trying to bring back a sport that hasn’t been played at the school since the 1980s. Rohrbach said, “We’re trying to build, we don’t have anything really set in stone yet and the culture here is just, just getting started.”

During that time, the school’s first girl to wrestle started. Gabby Collins said, “It means a lot to me, my family, my coaches, the community, it means a lot to us.”

Gabby Collins, a freshman, decided to try wrestling for the first time this year, and it was a good choice. Friday, she has to go to Bloomington for work.

Collins said, “I am very shocked, I would not really expect a little freshman girl, the first year going to state.” Rohrbach said, “It’s just been awesome watching her grow in the sport with not participating ever, it’s the first time.”

Collins’s mother is happy with what her daughter has done. Marta Collins said, “She had one goal when she started wrestling, she wanted to make it to state and she did exactly what she says she was going to do, and I’m beyond proud of her.”

Another goal? Collins wants to change the way people think about wrestling. It’s not just a sport for boys. Collins said, “Got to work hard, never stop, and never let anybody stop you with what they say, it’s a big thing that I have.”

Rohrbach says much attention has been paid to Collins’ time on the mat. “Everybody in the community is just willing to come out and support us. I think the first meet we had this year, it was just a ton of people,” Rohrbach said.

Collins had one last thing to say to other girls who wanted to start wrestling. Collins said, “I want to go there and prove that if I am the first girl to make it to state and place in state, that just really puts an image out saying that if any girl can do it, like any girl can do this.”

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