An Elementary Student At Pittsburgh’s Faison K–5 School Is Allegedly S*xually Assaulted By A Teacher There

A teacher at Pittsburgh Public Schools is wanted on suspicion of s*xually abusing a pupil. James Ziegler, 41, is a teacher at Pittsburgh’s Faison K–5 School, according to the criminal complaint.

According to court records, Ziegler reportedly made the pupil perform s*x acts while in lunch detention. This supposedly occurred more than once.

Involuntary deviant s*xual activity, improper contact with a youngster, s*xual assault, institutional s*xual assault, indecent assault, harming the welfare of children, and corrupting of minors are all charges brought against Ziegler.

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11 News contacted Pittsburgh Public schools about these claims. According to a spokesperson, Ziegler has been on administrative leave since December 21.

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