Crossgar Parent Opens Online School Uniform Business ‘Good For People, Earth And Purse’

A father from Northern Ireland has opened an internet store selling uniforms that is ‘good for people, planet and purse.’

After becoming a father to two adopted children, Liam Charlton-Killen relocated from Manchester to Co Down and has now started his own company called “Ethical Schoolwear.”

The new business, situated at his smallholding in Crossgar, represents a change in focus brought on by the communications manager’s move and his experiences as a parent.

After becoming a parent seven years ago when he and his husband adopted their kid, Liam has observed that he frequently asks questions such as, “What’s that? What’s its origin? Its creator? What is it constructed of? What is it?

Many of these inquiries have related to school uniforms, so he decided to open a store, and Ethical Schoolwear was formed.

Crossgar Parent Opens Online School Uniform Business 'Good For People, Earth And Purse'

Liam said: “It’s for people who are trying to do the right thing for the planet, the people who make school uniforms, the kids who wear them, and the grownups who pay for them.”

Ethical Schoolwear is an online store that only sells products made by B Corp-certified suppliers. It offers plain and embroidered school uniforms.

A for-profit company certified B Corp has met “the highest social and environmental performance standards, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.”

After every sale, the company will plant a tree, and buyers can give the trees names.

Liam is a self-described nature enthusiast who grew up in a rural area surrounded by fields. His children have further fueled his enthusiasm for the environment.

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Liam intends to expand the wilderness by planting more natural hedgerows and woodlands to serve as nature’s highways.

He said: “I hope that by creating an oasis for wildlife, as well as a carbon sink to absorb CO2, our small efforts can make a lasting difference.

“Each tree will absorb nearly a ton of CO2 in its lifetime.

“Customers will have the option to name their tree, and I will post the planting on social media so that they can explain to their kids the positive impact their uniform has on the environment.”

Ethical Schoolwear already offers embroidered products for Crossgar’s Cedar Integrated Primary School in addition to a variety of cost-effective plain uniform options.

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