2 Killed And 3 Injured in Birmingham, Alabama Shooting Incident

A shooting in downtown Birmingham on Monday, 4, 2023 killed two people and injured three others. The incident occurred in the 900 block of 5th Avenue North.

Officers were called to UAB Hospital around 2:35 a.m. after receiving reports of many people being shot. When they arrived, they discovered that two women and a guy had come in a private vehicle with gunshot wounds.

BPD identified the ladies as Markiezia Atkins, 24, of Centerpoint, and Chaveda Willis, 33, of Birmingham. UAB staff pronounced them both dead. The male victim sustained potentially fatal injuries.

Police discovered that at least two suspects shot at the victims while they were at UAB Hospital. During the incident, an emergency room door and a UAB police patrol vehicle were shot and damaged, prompting a lockdown that has since been removed.

2 Killed And 3 Injured in Birmingham, Alabama Shooting Incident

Officers also discovered that two more ladies were brought to UAB Hospital in a private vehicle. They received non-life-threatening treatment.

Shots were fired at a vehicle carrying passengers suspected to have been injured in an earlier off-site incident as it arrived at the emergency department.

All five victims were on the 900 block of 5th Avenue North, near a lounge, when shots were fired. BPD believes the shooting was a targeted strike, however many of the casualties appear to be bystanders. Birmingham police Chief Scott Thurmond released a statement Monday. 

“We have two women whose lives were cut entirely too short. Two families were destroyed, and three other victims will have to live with the scars of this senseless violence for the rest of their lives,” Thurmond said in a statement.

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The vast majority of our inhabitants desire a safer, better Birmingham, but we still have a small fraction that believes that conflict can only be resolved with guns.

Our city and its leadership will continue to fight tirelessly every day to hold those responsible for senseless acts of violence like this morning’s atrocity accountable.

Everyone must work together to avoid and eliminate future acts of violence. Put down the firearms; they don’t solve problems; they just exacerbate them, destroying families and our city. Birmingham and its citizens are entitled to better.

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