Shooting Death of a Teen Was Not "Centred Around Race"
Shooting Death of a Teen Was Not "Centred Around Race"

The Police Chief of Washington Says That the Shooting Death of a Teen Was Not “Centred Around Race”

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Metropolitan police in Washington, D.C., gave an update Tuesday morning on a shooting that killed 13-year-old Karon Blake in the Northeast part of the city. Blake was accused of breaking into cars over the weekend.

Chief Robert Contee talked about the shooting that happened early Saturday morning for the first time on Tuesday. He did this to clear up “misinformation” and “assumptions” that were going around about the event.

Contee said, “There is too much false information going around about this case, and too many people have made assumptions about it, which is unfair to the grieving family.” “Spreading false information is dangerous and careless, and it could hurt the investigation and the way people get along in our community.”

He also said that the department understands that people want to know more about the shooting, but that sharing specific details could hurt the investigation because the case is still open.

Around 4 a.m. on Saturday, January 7, the shooting happened in the 1000 block of Quincy Street Northeast, which is close to Brookland Middle School, where Blake was said to be a student. Metro police said in an earlier report that a homeowner in the area confronted Blake after he allegedly broke into cars on the street.

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Blake and the homeowner “interacted” before the homeowner pulled out his gun and shot Blake. Police say that he was giving CPR to the teenager when they got there. Blake died at the hospital in the end.

DC police were also looking for two other young people who were said to have run away from the scene of the shooting.

Metro police haven’t said much about the homeowner other than that he is black and has a legal firearm and a permit to carry it. Contee said that the man is not a police officer, and he added that it is common for the identity of people to be kept secret during investigations.

Contee said, “People are making accusations based on race, which is wrong.”

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