Wisconsin boy accused of shooting girlfriend
Wisconsin boy accused of shooting girlfriend

Wisconsin 14-year-old Accused of Shooting Girlfriend in the Head Over Breakup

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After his girlfriend tried to break up with him, a 14-year-old boy in Wisconsin is said to have shot her at least three times in the head. The girl, whose family says her name is Jazlene Jones and that she is 14 years old, is expected to miraculously survive the shooting.

Racine resident Elia Olson was charged as an adult on Tuesday with trying to kill someone and having a dangerous weapon. The charges came from a criminal complaint that Racine County Eye got.

Elia could spend the next 60 years in prison if he is found guilty. Jazlene told investigators that the couple walked down the railroad tracks in the city about 25 miles south of Milwaukee on Sunday around noon to smoke.

After she told Elia she wanted to end the relationship, he allegedly told her to turn off her phone, then threw it away, pointed a white revolver at her head, and fired one shot.

Elia is said to have told Jazlene something like, “You have to die,” even though she begged for her life. He fired two or three more shots at her before running away. Even though she was hurt, Jazlene ran away and flagged down a car near the scene.

The girl went to the hospital because she had been shot three times in the head. Court records say that one of the bullets went through her left cheekbone and got stuck in her neck near her carotid artery.

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At the hospital, Jazlene was said to be aware and able to say that Elia had shot her. Jazlene’s family said she had a major operation and will have several more, but she is expected to live.

“At 14 years old, this baby will now have to go through life through one eye and live with bullets in her neck and head,” the family said on a GoFundMe page.

“Considering Jazlene’s condition/situation, she is in good spirits and is a walking miracle. Her family appreciates all the love, prayers and support that everyone has given. She has a long road to recovery with life-altering injuries.”

Fox 6 said that Elia told them he shot his girlfriend “in a rage over a Snapchat post and a proposed breakup.” At a friend’s house, where he was being held, police found a .22 handgun and two magazines for a 9mm handgun. Bloody clothes and shoes were also found at his house.

The Racine County Eye said that a judge told Elia to pay a $500,000 cash bond and stay away from Jazlene, her home, and her friends and family… Follow us on The Express to find out about more news like this.

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