Newport News School Shooting
Newport News School Shooting

Police Says That A 6-year-old Brought A Gun From Home To The Newport News School

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The gun the 6-year-old kid used to shoot and injure his teacher in Newport News, Virginia, had been “secured,” according to the youngster’s family.

An attorney provided the family’s statement, which made no more mention of where the 9mm handgun was kept. The family’s identity was also withheld.

According to the statement, “Our family has always been devoted to proper gun ownership and keeping guns out of children’s reach.” “Our son had access to a locked weapon.”

The youngster “suffers from an acute handicap,” according to the boy’s family, and “was under a care plan at the school that involved his mother or father visiting the school with him and accompanying him to class every day.”

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The week of the shooting, according to the family, “It was the first week without him in the class. For the rest of our lives, we shall regret missing this event.” James S. Ellenson, an attorney in Newport News, issued the statement through his office.

A spokesperson for Newport News Public Schools said, “In compliance with FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, NNPS cannot release student educational record information,” when asked by 13News Now to confirm the statement’s claims that the boy had a disability and was frequently accompanied by a parent.

Additionally, declining to comment, the Newport News Police Department cited the ongoing investigation.

Abigail Zwerner was teaching her first-grade students at Richneck Elementary in Newport News when the shooting occurred on January 6.

Zwerner’s hand was shot through, and the bullet landed in her chest. Before being brought to the hospital, the 25-year-old instructor hurriedly escorted her children out of the room.

According to Newport News police, the 6-year-mother old’s legitimately bought the rifle, but it is still unknown how her son got access to it. The remark from the family sparked fresh worries for other Richneck parents.

Mark Garcia, a parent, questioned, “If it was secure, then how did he acquire it?” “How did he navigate the school, and how did he know to keep it on him since his backpack would be searched? If so, where was the parent who was expected to accompany him and lead the way to school?”

Newport News School Shooting
Newport News School Shooting

Garcia, who claimed to have served in the military in the past, questioned the family’s claims and questioned why the boy’s supposed care plan did not call for a guardian to accompany him to school.

Garcia stated that the child’s parents or the person who brought the youngster to school that day “should be up here talking and letting us know where that child was and how he obtained that weapon.”

“The parents are to blame in this situation, not the policy or the lack of security.” The shooting was seen by the daughter of Desiree Yvette, a student in Ms. Zwerner’s first-grade class.

Yvette claimed that she had never heard of any other adult being present in her daughter’s classroom in addition to school personnel.

According to Yvette, who also claimed she was denied a similar request to observe her child’s class in November 2022 due to concerns about bullying, “if that was something that was happening in that classroom, all parents of the classroom should have been notified being that there is another parent in that classroom.”

Yvette declared that she was unlikely to let her kid return to Richneck Elementary and demanded that school officials foster a sense of community and transparency.

She spoke with a Richneck parent of a second-grader who wished to remain unnamed on the phone with 13News Now on Thursday. They both claimed that their kids find it difficult to understand the situation.

“They don’t love us, my daughter, who is in second grade, told me. They don’t want to keep us secure, “stated a parent. “They aren’t prepared to return to school. They are poor.”  Kindly visit our The Express if you require any additional information.

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