Three Separate School Threats Under Police Investigation

ROSEMONT HILLS —Recently, three threats against nearby schools were investigated.

At 6:41 p.m. on April 3, a student’s parent reported to police that there was a Snapchat circulating that said a kid in the ninth grade planned to “shoot up the school” on April 4. Deputies got in touch with the student who is thought to be the poster.

According to the kid, several students in his class advised him to post on Snapchat asking people to skip class the next day, which he did. Violence was not mentioned or threatened; only one shouldn’t attend class. Threats of violence were apparently added as the Snapchat post spread.

All of the user information was obscured in the post that was displayed during the initial complaint.

According to police, the pupil does not have access to weapons. According to deputies, the inquiry showed there was no real threat.

Two pupils informed the Reuther Middle School administrator on April 5 that they had heard a sixth-grade student, who was 12 years old, declare his intention to shoot up the school before March 24, the day the district went on spring break.

Three Separate School Threats Under Police Investigation

According to accounts, they had no justification for their decision to hold off on reporting the information.

According to the deputies’ investigation, there was no proof of a credible threat, which included a home visit and an interview with the student and his mother.

According to deputies, the school district will handle the matter, and a report will be given to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office for examination. No genuine threat was found, according to the probe.

A 13-year-old student from Auburn Hills threatened to shoot up the school on April 5, and the school administration informed the resource officer at Avondale Middle School of the threat. A teacher was the target of the threat.

After conducting an investigation that included a house visit and interviews with the student and his mother, deputies came to the conclusion that the student suffers from emotional impairment and has a history of outbursts. The school did a threat assessment.

According to officials, the pupil won’t return to class until the inquiry into this occurrence is complete.

Deputies stated that the preliminary inquiry showed “there is no imminent threat to the school or staff, and that the student has no means to conduct the threat.”

Sheriff Michael Bouchard of Oakland County said his office investigates each threat thoroughly and takes it seriously.

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We have been inundated with threats all across this county,” he said in a public service announcement. “We need every student to understand, if you make a threat, whether or not you intend to carry it out, it is a crime. Every threat will be investigated and every threat will be presented to the prosecutor. Every threat will be treated as the crime that it is and we will attempt to hold you fully accountable. You more than likely will be immediately removed from school and potentially criminal charges may be attached, so I repeat, any threat is a crime, whether or not you think it is a joke, because it is not a joke.”

Additionally, Bouchard exhorted youngsters to keep sharing information with their parents, teachers, and the police.

“We will do anything and everything to keep you safe 24/7, but every student and teacher is probably in a position to see or hear something they think is of concern as it relates to a threat or their safety. You will probably be more likely to see or hear than the police department, so if you do, you need to share that information with the police department, with your parents, with your teachers so that it can be quickly and fully investigated. If you hear or see something that makes you afraid, or threatens the safety and security of you, your school or anyone else, you need to share this information,” Bouchard said in the PSA.

“Rochester Community Schools is committed to ensuring the safety of our students, staff, family and guests,” RCS Superintendent Robert Shaner said at a recent event. “Nothing is more important than the well-being of our school community.”

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