Mass-Vomiting Incident at Las Vegas Elementary School Called ‘Armageddon

Parents still don’t know what may have caused the mass vomiting episode that affected 130 pupils at an elementary school in Las Vegas on Friday due to a gastroenteritis outbreak.

As a wave of “projectile vomiting” occurred on January 27, all 130 pupils were reportedly queued up outside the Wayne N. Tanaka Elementary School health office.

The mother of one of the students, Danielle Farrow, told the publication, “A teacher stated it was like Armageddon. Our daughter said that litter cans were lined up and that children were urinating everywhere.

According to Farrow’s spouse Jon, the teacher of Farrow’s daughter, described the episode as “the apocalypse.”

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A second mother, who asked to remain anonymous and went by the name “Joyce,” claimed that although her 9-year-old daughter felt good when she returned from school, she developed the illness.

Joyce noted that she kept her daughter home from school on Friday when the claimed mass-vomiting incident happened. “It wasn’t until overnight when she was sleeping that she started having stomach pain, and then she vomited up approximately five to six times overnight,” Joyce said.

Mass-Vomiting Incident

These parents and several others are confused about what led to the nearly simultaneous GI symptoms and are dissatisfied with the district’s lack of response. They speculate that the occurrence may have been tied to tainted cafeteria food.

While other families with kids who didn’t consume the meal reported no symptoms, Joyce said that her daughter ate the food from the cafeteria.

“I don’t know if they have all the information present as to what happened, but I wish we did have more constant updates on what’s going on,” she said. “At the end of the day, we don’t know what’s happening. We don’t know how to help them. If kids are a priority, we need to know what’s going on to help our children.”

According to an SNHD spokesperson, “during a foodborne illness outbreak, people are interviewed about what they ate before they became ill when possible food contamination is confirmed using epidemiological and laboratory information, “Gastrointestinal illnesses can have many causes,” the author continued.

Parents were notified via email from the school on Monday that SNHD is looking into the matter. “The Southern Nevada Health District is looking into the origin of the stomachaches that some Tanaka students have reported, “Sick persons should not prepare food or care for others,” the email continued.

Officials have not yet provided any additional information surrounding the incident as of this writing. The district’s silence has prompted at least one native of Las Vegas to respond angrily on TikTok, saying, “If I ever needed a reason to continue homeschooling, this is it.”

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