Henry Najdeski Obituary: Partner At The Barrett McNagny Law Firm

At the intersection of Main and Calhoun, a tragic collision occurred last night (April 19, 2023) around 7:30. FWPD Sgt. Josh Hartup, pictured above with his wife Jenny and Jerry Vandeveer, and renowned lawyer Henry Najdeski were involved in an automobile accident that left Najdeski in critical condition.

Henry Najdeski is a Barrett McNagny legal firm partner and a specialist in real estate and infrastructure law (including tax abatements, real estate mergers, acquisitions, etc.).

He’s a great guy who has served on the Canterbury Board of Trustees and has been quite involved in our community. They most recently served as a Fort Wayne Philharmonic board member.

Your prayers for comfort, courage, and a quick and complete recovery for Henry, who is in critical condition, may be appreciated. His family, friends, coworkers, business partners, clients, and neighbors also need prayers of hope, strength, and forgiveness.

You are also asked to pray for Sergeant Josh Hartup of the Fort Worth Police Department. As far as I’m aware, no one is at fault for the accident as of the time and date of this writing, and investigations are ongoing.

Henry Najdeski Obituary

No of who is to blame, Josh Hartup will be personally invested in this to the fullest extent imaginable. Josh takes his responsibilities as a police officer very seriously. He doesn’t consider becoming a police officer to be sufficient.

He constantly contributes to the community along with his entire family. By taking part in events like Guns ‘n Hoses to raise money for Fort Wayne’s first responders, Josh has responded to this need. Pray for Josh, please.

The Fort Wayne Police Department, Fort Wayne Fire Department, and Fort Wayne-Allen County Consolidated Communications, among many other first responder agencies, are among his extended family, who is equally devastated.

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Please pray that Josh has the endurance, fortitude, and mercy he requires. Your comforting, empowering, and wise prayers would be greatly appreciated by his loved ones right now.

Accidents are unavoidable, even in the Josh and Henry camp (law and order supporters). As far as I can gather, the subject has received a lot of social media discussion. Several kind words. There were some offensive words used.

Anyone who is disparaging these two gentlemen, I beg you to please stop. The “police officer” who killed a citizen in Fort Wayne didn’t intend to do it. It was improper for the purported “lawyer” to be run over.

These guys are also actual individuals in the family. Please pray, conduct yourselves honorably, and show respect for one another.

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