South Park School Shooting: South Park Is Back On Wednesday, And It Seems To Be Taking Aim At Anti-Semitism

Season 26 of “South Park” premieres on Wednesday, and it already seems like the show will make a big comeback.

The Comedy Central classic from Trey Parker and Matt Stone has been a cornerstone of comedy in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years.

The 26th season is about to start and based on the brief teaser, Kanye West’s anti-Semitism should play a significant role in the season premiere.

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When questioned if he controls Hollywood, the Jewish character Kyle in the trailer reacts angrily. The video is below.

Nobody Does It Better Than “South Park.”

Once upon a time, “South Park” and “Always Sunny” battled it out for the title of the best comedy on television. The latter, meanwhile, has somewhat dwindled, and at this moment, animated shows are unquestionably in charge.

South Park” has no off-limits areas. In actuality, Parker and Stone’s humor skews towards controversy and whatever is making headlines.

We’re talking about a program that parodied the enjoyable “Red Dawn” film, the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin shooting, the Mormon church as a whole, both political parties, alcoholics, and school shootings. Anti-Semitism will now be the focus of “South Park,” and Kanye West will almost certainly be included in the discussion.

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No one should be surprised by this action either. A major theme of “South Park” is mocking anti-Semitism, and Cartman’s persona frequently makes fun of and ridicules Kyle for being Jewish.

It appears that the show will now heavily rely on the anti-Semitic bilge that we have seen in recent months.


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