Tuberculosis Case Identified At South Portland High School

A student at South Portland High School has been diagnosed with tuberculosis. Superintendent Tim Matheney issued a letter outlining the diagnosis on Wednesday.

The letter stated that everybody who had close touch with the affected person should be tested. Matheney further stated that those who had close touch with the diseased person had been alerted.

When a person with tuberculosis coughs, speaks or sings, TB bacteria are released into the air. People in the vicinity may inhale these bacteria and become ill. The likelihood of TB infection spreading is low.

The Maine also confirmed to NEWS CENTER Maine that they are monitoring the case and that, while the illness is still alive in the individual, they are no longer contagious.

Dr. Dora Mills, MaineHealth’s chief health improvement officer, believes the chance of an outbreak in the South Portland community is low.

Tuberculosis Case Identified At South Portland High School

There’s no need to panic; we’re used to around 25 cases a year in Maine… if you or someone you know was exposed, get treated even if you don’t have any symptoms so it doesn’t worsen.

Tuberculosis symptoms include a persistent cough, weakness, weight loss, fever, night sweats, and chest pressure.

Dr. Mills stated that because many people may not exhibit symptoms, she recommended being tested if you were in close contact with someone who has tuberculosis.

South Portland High School everyone who had close contact with the previously infected patient has already been contacted.

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