Elementary School In Minneapolis Discovers Two Guns On Premises

On Wednesday, Minneapolis police discovered two weapons at the city’s Loring Elementary School that had reportedly been brought by a staff member.

When officers arrived at the north Minneapolis school at around 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, they found two weapons secured in the school safe, according to police. It was unclear whether the guns were loaded or had any ammunition. The officers took the firearms.

Elementary School In Minneapolis Discovers Two Guns On Premises

According to a police complaint, a staff member who was an adult man was believed to have brought the weapons to the school but had already left when officers arrived. The staff person, according to the district, is not a teacher.

At least one firearm was found at the school, according to a letter given to parents of children there. A student allegedly found a pistol and gave it to a teacher.

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According to a widely shared social media post, a Minneapolis Public Schools representative said they could not corroborate that or any other discovery facts.

The spokeswoman confirmed that district employees are prohibited from owning guns on or near district premises. The rule also holds true for school-related off-campus events and buses or district vehicles.

During the incident, Loring Elementary was briefly locked down, and principal Ryan Gibbs informed the parents in a letter that an investigation and potential disciplinary punishment were pending.

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