Hillside High School Administrator Addresses Shooting That Killed 1 Student, Injured Another

N.C.’s DURHAM (WTVD) On Friday, the principal of Hillside High School spoke with ABC11 about the gun violence that had an impact on the neighborhood.

Dr. William Logan gave a speech on how he intends to guide the school through this challenging period and how to keep children safe and out of trouble.

“Hard decisions are going to have to be made about how we move forward. The reality is some kids can be saved, some students are going to probably have to be incarcerated. Hard decisions are going to have to be made,” he stated.

Hillside High School
Hillside High School

After one student lost their lives in a shooting, another student was shot on Wednesday. Police said they investigated a forested area near the school on Thursday, but nothing related to the killing of the two students on American Tobacco Trail was discovered.

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During Friday night’s work session of the school board, members voiced their displeasure with the violence. “We have work to do. Our students deserve it, our families deserve it and our educations deserve it. We need action, we needed it yesterday,” The chair of Durham Public Schools, Bettina Umstead, remarked

Police in Durham tells us they don’t think the shooting was a random act. They have not made an arrest and have withheld the identities of the two pupils who were shot.

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