Chicago Sox Park Shooting: 3 Woman Shot During Vanilla Ice Concert

Three women were shot in front of terrified fans at the Chicago White Sox stadium before a Vanilla Ice concert.

Police scanner recordings revealed three female victims, one of whom had been grazed in the chest. The terrifying incident occurred in section 162 of the Guaranteed Rate Fields stand.

“There’s blood in section 162 of the White Sox stadium park,” a scanner cop states before explaining that investigators are still getting all the details. The “Ice Ice Baby” singer’s show was canceled due to technical difficulties and gunfire.

There are three victims in total. One victim received an abrasion to the stomach from a gunshot. Another victim is at the University of Chicago [a hospital] right now, and we’re on our way,” he continued. We’ll receive her details in a moment. She had been shot in the leg.

The bullet hit one victim, but she was unharmed. He further stated that live rounds were recovered, which field security had carried to one of the gates.

A SWAT team was purportedly dispatched and arrived minutes after the gunshots were reported to authorities. He was only two seats behind where the gunshot occurred. He did not, however, hear or see what had occurred.

He had no idea a woman was bleeding from her leg seconds later. He further stated that two other people appeared injured due to the incident.

Chicago Sox Park Shooting: 3 Woman Shot During Vanilla Ice Concert

Suddenly, security was there, and they kicked us out. They were herded to another part and remained there for 45 minutes. The Friday night game was set to be followed by a ’90s-themed concert featuring headliners Vanilla Ice, Rob Base, and Tone Loc.

A message flashed on the billboard minutes after the incident, reading, Attention Fans. Tonight’s postgame concert has been canceled due to technical difficulties. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. On-field passes will be refunded to the original purchaser’s credit card.

Many people were outraged that the performance had been canceled, flocking to Twitter, now known as X, to vent their rage.

“My sister suffered through a damn White Sox-As game for a Vanilla Ice, Rob Base and Tone Loc post-game concert and this just happened. Honestly, cancel the rest of the season. They can’t do anything right,” wrote @SarahSpain.

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