Southern California Hit by 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake And Tropical Storm Hilary

On Sunday, an earthquake shook southern California, which is in the path of Hurricane Hilary.

The epicenter of the 5.1-magnitude earthquake occurred four miles southeast of Ojai, about 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The earthquake occurred at 2:41 p.m. and was reportedly 14.6 kilometers deep. There have been around a dozen aftershocks with magnitudes ranging from 4.1 to 4.1. According to the USGS, no places are predicted to be harmed by landslides or liquefaction.

The National Emergency Notification System (ENS) issued earthquake notifications with a preliminary magnitude of 5.0.

Southern California Hit by 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake And Tropical Storm Hilary

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass tweeted (now known as X): “Following the 5.1 earthquake near Ojai this afternoon, our @LAFD is now in Earthquake Operation mode.”

“All 106 neighborhood fire stations will conduct a strategic survey,” she explained further. “There are currently no significant initial reports of structural damage or injuries.”

The Los Angeles Fire Department said in a statement: “This survey will be conducted from the ground, air and sea. Once this process is complete and reports are consolidated, assuming there is no significant damage, Earthquake mode will be complete. This process typically takes less than one hour.”

There is NO Tsunami threat for southern California,”  Again, a Tsunami is NOT expected.” ENS also confirmed in a tweet that “no tsunami warnings are in effect.”

However, according to the National Hurricane Center’s most recent public advisory, “a couple tornadoes are possible” through Sunday evening.

The earthquake occurred as southern California faced its first tropical storm since 1939, a downgrade from Hurricane Hilary.

Residents should brace themselves for “dangerous to catastrophic flooding,” with some locations anticipated to face “localized significant flash flooding.” It also predicted coastal floods along the Gulf of California’s northern shore.

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