Allante Leapheart Obituary: What Exactly Led to His Passing Away?

We regret to inform you of the passing of former EKU football player Allante Leapheart. Concerns about his passing are present among his followers. You will find all the details surrounding his death in this post since they are curious about how he passed away.

What is Allante Leapheart’s Cause of Death?

On July 16, 2023, Allante Leapheart tragically passed away in an accident. To spread the word about Allante Leapheart’s passing and collect money to support the family during this difficult time, his friend Kalei Aukai set up a GoFundMe page. We’ve included a tweet about the GoFundMe page below:

There is a deep sense of loss and sadness with the news of his premature death. To Allante Leapheart’s teammates, coaches, and supporters, we extend our deepest condolences for his passing. His sudden passing has left his friends and family in disbelief and anguish as well.

Although the details of the tragedy are unknown, Allante Leapheart’s passing still had an impact on those who knew and admired him. The GVSU Football team shared a post after his death with the caption, “GVSU athletics is saddened to learn of the tragic passing of former Laker football player Allante Leapheart.”

Examining Allante Leapheart’s Path Away from Football

In the past, Allante Leapheart was an EKU football player. At a young age, Leapheart’s grandmother, a dedicated third-grade teacher, instilled in him the value of paying attention in class. His uncle got him on the team as soon as he was old enough to throw a football.

Allante Leapheart Obituary
Allante Leapheart Obituary

Since Leapheart was born an athlete, football quickly grew to be a significant aspect of his life. He was thinking about football, whether it was fantasy football or Sunday afternoon games with his family. He would spend Friday nights at the field cheering on his uncles as they played with his beloved granny.

Even when his grandmother passed away at the tender age of ten, Leapheart found ways to honor her memory and sought her advice from beyond the grave. 2011 saw Leapheart graduate from high school and face a difficult decision.

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Despite the push from his family to play football at Grand Rapids Community College, he courageously chose to put his mother’s needs ahead of his own amid their difficult circumstances.

We will always value and recall his contributions to football and his time on the team. In the box below, you can express your concern for his family as well. You can visit our site,, for more information related to other persons’ accident news, deaths, and more updates.


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