Anxiety Is High At North Cobb High School Following False Rumors Of Threats

Officials with the Cobb County School District that rumors of a possible threat to students at North Cobb High School were unfounded, but some parents and students say they are still on edge.

Several families were worried by an image of armed men and a message suggesting an act of violence would be perpetrated at the Kennesaw campus Tuesday afternoon, despite school administrators assuring students and parents that North Cobb High is safe and secure.

“It’s stressful for any child or parent to have their kid in school, and to have to think or worry about a bully, a gun, a knife, any kind of weapon, their children being hurt, not safe,” resident Tara Tardonia said.

A Tweet from FOX 5 Atlanta official account remarked:-

Students interviewed by FOX 5 who were in class on Tuesday had varied reactions.

“It’s kind of rude honestly, because everything that has been happening, you know, there are people who have actually lost their kids or family members,” student Gaby Amezquita said.

Despite school authorities’ promises, one student, who did not want his name used in this story, confessed he was worried.

Anxiety Is High At North Cobb High School

“I called my dad, and he was like don’t worry about it, like nothing is going to happen. Like why would they tell you they were going to shoot up the school if they were going to shoot up the school?” he stated.

Many people were thinking about the recent horrific shootings in Atlanta and across the country, and they remarked that even an idle threat might inflict significant harm in this context.

“If that is going on, parents need to be aware of,” said resident Edson Macedo. “And if it is fake, they got to find out who is doing it.” In a written statement, a school district spokesman.

“Our administration was made aware of a possible threat to our school over the weekend.” Cobb County Police Department and Cobb County School District Police Department initiated an inquiry immediately and discovered that the rumors were false.”

On Tuesday afternoon, North Cobb High School was placed in “code yellow” status after a bad image was airdropped into a classroom. Administrators and school police are looking into the incident.

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