Barry Steenkamp Cause of Death and Obituary: Reason Behind His Demise!

Barry Steenkamp was a loving parent, a loyal family man, and a justice advocate. Barry had a warm and compassionate nature, and his love for his family was steadfast. On February 14, 2013, Barry’s life took an unforeseen turn when his daughter, Reeva Steenkamp, tragically died. Oscar Pistorius, a well-known Paralympic athlete, shot and killed Reeva, a vivacious and bright young woman. This traumatic occurrence rocked Barry and his family to their core, forever altering their lives.

Following Reeva’s death, Barry Steenkamp became a symbol of fortitude and resilience. Despite his enormous agony and heartache, he redirected his grief into pursuing justice for his daughter. He attended every court hearing, faced the media, and persistently battled for accountability.

Barry’s steadfast devotion to obtaining justice did not end with his daughter’s case. He also became an advocate for raising awareness about domestic violence and its destructive consequences. Recognizing the significance of victim support, Barry was involved in groups such as the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation, which tried to provide assistance and services to individuals affected by violence.

Barry Steenkamp embodied the qualities of a caring parent and a kind human being throughout his life. He handled terrible sorrow with dignity and strength, making a lasting impression on those who crossed his way. This article shares information about the passing of Barry Steenkamp, the reasons behind his death and obituary details.

Barry Steenkamp Obituary And Cause of Death

Barry Steenkamp, best known as Reeva Steenkamp’s father, has sadly died away. On the evening of September 14, 2023, he died quietly in his sleep. Barry’s death was verified by the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation, which stated that he was well-liked by many people.

Before the sad events that impacted his daughter, little is known about Barry’s life. He worked with horses and was married twice, the second time to June Steenkamp, who wrote the book “Reeva: A Mother’s Story.” They met in Cape Town in the late 1970s and had a daughter called Reeva in 1983.

Barry and June had a love of horses and even ran the Burliegh Equitation Centre in Blouberg, Cape Town, where they cared for many horses. Their lives were mainly uneventful until their daughter Reeva rose to prominence due to her beauty and attitude. Barry’s wife June, eldest son Adam, and stepdaughter Simone survive him. The cause of death for Barry Steenkamp was unknown at the time this information was released.

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Reeva’s Tragic Passing

Barry Steenkamp was the father of South African model and law graduate Reeva Steenkamp. Reeva Steenkamp was born in Cape Town to Barry and June Steenkamp. Reeva’s life was sadly cut short on February 14, 2013, when her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius, fatally shot her.

Barry Steenkamp was instrumental in obtaining justice for his daughter’s death. He testified in court and addressed Pistorius, expressing his conviction that the gunshot was premeditated. Barry was relentless in his mission to hold Pistorius accountable and provide closure to his family.

Aside from seeking justice, Barry Steenkamp became an advocate for domestic violence awareness and victim support. He was an active member of groups such as the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation, which provided aid and resources to those affected by abuse.

Barry Steenkamp’s fatherhood path was marred by tragedy, yet he remained a symbol of courage and resilience. His love for his daughter, as well as his dedication to achieving justice and assisting those afflicted by violence, will be remembered forever.

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Barry Steenkamp Daughter

Reeva was a popular model, having appeared in magazines such as FHM and Avon. She was also a licensed paralegal and a FashionTV presenter in South Africa. Reeva was dating Oscar Pistorius, a famous South African sprinter known for competing in the Olympics and Paralympics with prosthetic limbs, in 2013.

On Valentine’s Day in 2013, Pistorius shot Reeva four times through a bathroom door at his house, claiming he mistook her for an intruder. Pistorius was convicted of murder in 2015 and sentenced to 13 years and five months in jail. He has been rejected for parole several times over the years.

Barry Steenkamp Cause of Death and Obituary
Barry Steenkamp Cause of Death and Obituary

Reeva’s tragic death spurred a national debate in South Africa concerning gender-based violence. She became a symbol in the fight against domestic violence against women. June and Barry Steenkamp, her parents, founded a foundation in her honor to raise awareness about this critical issue.

Reeva Steenkamp, a young woman with enormous potential, was stolen far too soon from her loved ones. Her legacy inspires others to fight for justice and equality. Stay tuned BLHS News for more updates and news.


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