Brighton Butler’s Divorce Dilemma: What’s Really Happening?

Is Brighton Butler Getting Divorced? You might know Brighton Butler as a famous fashion and lifestyle influencer. But behind all the glitz and glam, there’s a surprising twist in her life.

In May 2023, she did something unexpected – she asked for a divorce from her husband, Duncan Butler. This has left many people wondering why.

While we don’t have all the answers, there’s talk about things like cheating or differences in how they raise their kids. Join us as we dig into Brighton Butler’s world and try to figure out what’s really going on in her life.

Is Brighton Butler Getting Divorced?

Is Brighton Butler Getting Divorced?
Is Brighton Butler Getting Divorced?

Brighton Butler filed for divorce from her husband Duncan Butler on May 2, 2023. They are currently in the process of divorcing, dealing with the legal steps required to end their marriage.

While the exact reasons for their separation aren’t entirely clear, there are speculations about issues like infidelity or differences in parenting styles playing a role.

During this challenging time, Brighton Butler is actively participating in the divorce proceedings. This includes negotiations, discussions, and possibly court appearances, all aimed at reaching a resolution and moving forward separately.

Divorce can be emotionally tough and complicated, demanding time, effort, and support. Brighton Butler, like many going through this, is navigating both the legal complexities and the emotional aftermath of their relationship.

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Brighton Butler’s Divorce Drama Unfolds

Brighton Butler filed for divorce from her husband Duncan Butler in early May 2023. Their divorce process is ongoing, and while the specific reasons for their decision remain somewhat unclear, there’s speculation about issues like infidelity or parenting differences.

As the divorce unfolds, more details may emerge about their separation. The legal process will likely shed light on the complexities surrounding their decision to end their marriage.

Who is Brighton Butler’s Husband?

Brighton Butler’s husband is Duncan Butler. They got married on January 25, 2020, in Austin, Texas. Brighton Butler is known for her lifestyle and fashion blog, BrightonTheDay LLC, while Duncan Butler is a lawyer and entrepreneur.

However, recent news suggests that Brighton Butler initiated divorce proceedings against Duncan Butler in early May 2023. The divorce process is ongoing, indicating that they’re navigating the legal requirements to dissolve their marriage. Details about their divorce will likely surface over time, offering more insight into their decision.

Does Brighton Butler Have Children?

Yes, Brighton Butler is a mother. She has a son named Charlie, born in 2018, and a daughter named Four, born in April 2021. Motherhood is a central part of Brighton Butler’s life, and she prioritizes her children. She shares her experiences and insights about parenting through her blog and social media.

Brighton Butler shared a picture of her kids on Instagram:


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Brighton Butler’s content covers various parenting topics, from documenting her children’s milestones to discussing the challenges and joys of raising kids. By openly sharing her journey, she creates a relatable space for other parents, offering support and inspiration to those navigating the rewarding path of raising a family

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