CCSD Urges Students To Utilize Pandemic Relief-Funded Tutoring Resources

KLAS LAS VEGAS — The first full year of using a new online resource by the Clark County School District is more than halfway through the academic year.

A 24/7 online tutoring service called “Paper” is financed using money set out for pandemic assistance. Last July, the school system agreed to a $6 million, one-year contract with the platform.

This tutoring platform is open to all students who have used 170,000 tutoring sessions thus far this academic year. Totaling 52,000 hours, and 21,000 essays were sent in.

CCSD Urges Students To Utilize Pandemic Relief-Funded Tutoring Resources

Philip Cutler, the CEO of Paper, stopped by Advanced Technologies Academy on Friday to speak with CCSD students in person.

“What we have found interesting here in Clark County in Las Vegas is that over 1,000 students use our college admissions essay review feature. So we have many students thinking about what they will be doing when they graduate,” Cutler said.

With this material, some pupils are pleasantly pleased.

“I was surprised this resource was available because I cannot stay after school. Having that resource at home anytime is awesome,” senior Richardo Marquez said.

Every CCSD student may use the tutoring service at any time to assist with academics.

Here is some other news we’ve posted:

“I think teachers are reluctant to try yet one more program. However, this program is unique because it has this human element,” Dr. Victoria Jo Lindemann explained.

A live person assists kids with writing, math issues, science inquiries, or historical queries when logging into the program. Additionally, it can demonstrate to teachers how it is put to use.

One strategy to spread the word about this free resource was having Cutler come.

According to 8 News, Clark County Schools Currently, their agreement with Paper is on a year-to-year basis, and an item to review for the following year is scheduled to be discussed in the coming weeks.

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