Cheryl Coker Missing Update: Was She Ultimately Located?

On October 2, 2018, Cheryl Coker vanished without a trace, causing the Riverside community to become concerned about her disappearance. For more than four years, investigators followed every trail they could find and paid close attention to each clue that pointed to the cause of her disappearance.

There was now optimism when Cheryl’s long-awaited breakthrough that her remains were located in an isolated forested area along Waynesville Jamestown Road in Caesars Creek Township, Greene County came to light. You may read the entire post below.

Cheryl Coker Missing Update

Since Cheryl Coker’s unexplained disappearance five years ago, her family has been in a difficult legal limbo while they pursue justice. Time has passed, but her sister Margie Keenan never wavers in her desire for a happy ending.

Cheryl Coker Missing Update
Cheryl Coker Missing Update

Keenan discussed the agony of waiting and losing her sister in a recent interview. She also emphasized her resolve to see justice done, stressing that the timing is crucial for a comprehensive and final settlement.

On October 2, 2018, Cheryl Coker disappeared after dropping her daughter off at Stebbins High School. Following Coker’s discovery of his remains in rural Greene County four months later, the story took a dark turn.

The precise circumstances of the death are still unknown, despite the autopsy confirming homicidal violence as the cause of death. Bill Coker, Cheryl’s husband, is the main suspect in the case. In interviews with News Center 7, he has adamantly denied any role in her disappearance and death.

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The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and Riverside Police are aggressively working together to solve the riddles surrounding Cheryl Coker’s murder as the investigation continues.

Despite the difficulties and the fact that the case is considered “cold,” authorities most notably Riverside Police Major Matthew Sturgeon have reiterated their resolve to investigate every possibility. Anyone with information about the case is welcome to share it with the public.

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