Covenant School Resumes Classes For The First Time Since Mass Shooting

Tennessee’s NASHVILLE – The Covenant School’s students and staff returned to class on Tuesday.

A mother-daughter team from Nashville aimed to make the hallways more welcoming.

The pupils skipped class and didn’t come back to the Covenant campus. For the balance of the academic year, lessons will be held at Brentwood Hills Church of Christ instead.

Covenant School Resumes Classes For The First Time Since Mass Shooting

To hang 1,000 balloons there, Mandi Robertson and Katelen Watkins worked all night Monday and into the early hours of Tuesday. The church’s hallways and ceilings were festooned in red, white, black, and silver balloons that welcomed the faculty and staff.

“Our goal is just for them to see their school colors and just that the school is welcoming them back in full force,” Watkins said. “I hope when they pulled up this morning, they saw [the balloons], and it was like, ‘Fear be gone. This is beautiful, and we can have fun today.’”

According to the school, kids only partially and on a limited schedule returned. According to Watkins, half of the kids returned on Tuesday, and the other half will begin classes again on Wednesday.

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“We tried to stay in their path that they would go each day, from the office, to class, to the cafeteria,” Watkins said.

“It’s pretty awesome how Brentwood Hills just stepped up,” Robertson said. “Their classrooms, I mean, they have it all laid out, you know, like kindergarten through second, and then this grade through this grade.”

The two said Brentwood Hills practiced security and safety drills as they decorated Monday night.

“Our goal with the balloons was if it could just diminish an ounce of fear, and an ounce of anxiousness, and be replaced with joy and hope,” Watkins said, “that was our goal for this.”

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