East Bay Students, Parents Shaken By High School Brawl

High school students feel rattled after three people made their way onto San Ramon’s California High School and attacked another student in his math class.

The event was caught on camera, prompting calls for increased protection.

The incident occurred towards the end of the school day on Monday in an algebra session. One student in the classroom stated that they had just finished a math worksheet when chaos ensued.

East Bay Students, Parents Shaken By High School Brawl

“Honestly, yesterday was a little bit scary. I don’t really understand how that can happen, you know? Especially because everyone was scared, you know?” said student Abby West.

According to a tweet from the official account of NBC Bay Area:-

According to the district superintendent, some Cal High students allowed the attackers into the school.

“Even though we take our students’ safety very seriously, our parameter is usually quite secure. Unfortunately, students from the school allowed those students from a different school onto the campus,” said Dr. John Malloy, San Ramon Valley superintendent.

“I believe it’s very unsettling knowing that students from off-campus and not a part of our school managed to come onto our school and managed to get into the farthest part of our school campus without getting questioned by any admin and just managed to walk into a classroom without being detected,” said student Zailey Fogelman.

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