Elementary School In Riverside County Vandalized With Racist Graffiti And Threats

Following last week’s death threats and racist vandalism at Hamilton Elementary School in Anza, parents and educators are now demanding action.

Racist epithets and swastikas were painted on the street and the school, along with other disturbing pictures.

Although the attack occurred over spring break, the precise time the vandal or vandals struck the institution is unknown. According to a Hemet Unified School District official, the event happened last Tuesday.

After learning about the cruel words on Wednesday, school officials claimed they quickly informed law authorities and cleaned up the graffiti on Wednesday and Thursday.

Elementary School In Riverside County Vandalized With Racist Graffiti And Threats

Contrary to this, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department claims that deputies were unaware of the racist graffiti until Monday.

Despite the lack of clarity around the timeline, one person with a close connection to the school, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that the occurrence is troubling because he has a loved one who attends Hamilton Elementary.

He feels that the school administration tried to cover up the incident by removing the graffiti before the sheriff’s department could arrive.

“The most concerning thing to me is that there were three specific students named out and then underneath their names, it said, ‘Y’all f—ing die.’ And the fact that there was no message sent out to any of the parents or staff members at all and there’s no police presence today…within the community up here, there’s known supremacist groups up here. I haven’t seen anything like this up here before,” the man told KTLA’s, Shelby Nelson.

According to district officials, the sheriff’s department received pictures of the graffiti and anything else that might have been recorded on the school’s security cameras. Moreover, Hemet Unified today published a notice regarding the incident on their website.

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Regarding the threats against the three youngsters, a different parent informed KTLA that the identities were those of nearby Hamilton High School students.

Many parents in the small town were reluctant to talk to the media out of fear of reprisals, while others expressed outrage that they had not been informed of the racist graffiti and threats made over spring break.  

“It doesn’t surprise us at all,” Philip Harrison, a parent, told KTLA. “Anza has been known for years to be very racist and picking sides of color.”  

Hemet Unified issued a statement in response to criticism of the district’s handling of the incident, which included the following passages:

“An active investigation is underway by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and any specific threats will be handled by law enforcement.”

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