Ethan Crumbley Manifesto Sends Shockwaves Through the Courtroom: ‘I am the demon’

Michigan high school shooter Ethan Crumbley said the night before he killed four students and injured seven others that he was “gonna have so much fun” gunning down his classmates.

At the sentencing hearing, relatives of Crumbley’s victims heard audio of the killer chillingly proclaiming that he’d be the next school shooter and needed to “teach them a lesson” by carrying out the devastation at Oxford School.

According to CNN, Crumbley, who has pled guilty to the slaughter, made the horrific words in a manifesto he recorded the night before he carried out his fatal plot.

“My name is Ethan Crumbley, I’m 15, and I’m going to be the next school shooter,” he was overheard saying in court. “I’ve given this a lot of thought. I can’t get it out of my head. But it’s always on my mind.”

“I will walk behind someone, and I will shoot a bullet into their skull,” he said, according to the recording. “I’m gonna open fire on everyone in the hallway, I will try to hit as many people as I can, I will reload, and I will find people hiding.” He claimed that the demon within him would take control.

“I have worn my mask for too long. I can’t take it,” Crumbley replied monotonously, according to the Detroit Free Press. “There’s no voices in my head. The voices are me … that’s what people call the demons. There are no demons. I am the demon.”

Ethan Crumbley Manifesto Sends Shockwaves Through the Courtroom: ‘I am the demon’

Prosecutors also displayed terrible pages from the teen’s handwritten journal and awful emails he wrote to an anonymous friend, as they asked the judge to sentence him to life in prison with no chance of parole.

“I want to shoot up the school so f-king badly,” he wrote in one entry, according to CNN. “The first victim has to be a pretty girl with a future so she can suffer just like me,” he said in another.

Crumbley’s first victim was Phoebe Arthur, who survived but was severely injured.

“I will continue shooting people until the police breach the building,” the adolescent wrote. “I will then surrender to them and plead guilty to a life sentence in prison.”

Crumbley expressed his desire not to die and to be remembered.

Crumbley wrote in his journal, “I want all of America to see the darkness in me,” according to the Free Press. “I want the parents… to cry their eyes out.”

Prosecutors also presented evidence and witness testimony indicating that the mass shooter found pleasure in torturing and killing baby birds.

Crumbley told a close buddy months before the school massacre that he intended to abduct, rape, torture, kill, and dismember a classmate and detailed what must be “the best feeling” to drown children, according to the local newspaper.

“Just looking them in the eyes as they look back at you while knowing that their entire life is about to end so young,” he texted, adding, “The best feeling.”

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The courtroom also showed soundless footage of the actual slaughter, in which Crumbley emerged from a bathroom with a gun and opened fire on numerous pupils as classes changed.

Several victims’ families grieved silently as they witnessed their loved ones’ m*rders. Prosecutors requested that the adolescent be sentenced to life in jail without the possibility of release.

Crumbley’s defense requested that he be granted parole, stating that he is a young boy neglected by his parents and can still be rehabilitated. They pointed to his requests for assistance in his journal.

“All one of my teachers has to do is send me to the office and I will tell them about the bird head and I can get help,” Crumbley wrote to CNN.

“A single call can save many lives.” My evil has completely overtaken me, and I used to enjoy it, but now I don’t want to be evil. I need assistance, but my parents don’t listen, so I can’t get it. “I feel like I’m stuck in a sad loop.”

The youngster and his parents spoke with a school administrator on the morning of the shooting after a teacher discovered some of his heinous notebook entries.

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