Families Impacted By School Sh00tings Push For Change at Texas Capitol

Gun control advocates and families affected by school sh00tings spoke at the Texas Capitol on Monday as part of the Parkland High School Bus Tour in Austin.

The parents of Joaquin “Guac” Oliver, a student d!ed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass sh00ting in 2018, are driving a bus across the country “to shed light on the dire effects of gun violence across the nation.”

Texas Rep. Vikki Goodwin and families affected by the Robb Elementary School massacre in Uvalde and the 2018 Santa Fe High School sh00ting in Houston joined Manuel and Patricia Oliver.

Families Impacted By School Shootings Push For Change at Texas Capitol

“Joaquin was shot four times. He suffered. He died slowly,” Manuel, his father, said. “And that was not enough for the whole nation to learn the lesson. Shame on us.”

As part of their bus trip, the Olivers will visit more than 20 places affected by gun violence.

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“I am sad that we need to do this, but this is our duty today,” Patricia Oliver remarked. “There’s nothing we can do to bring Joaquin back, but at least we can do a lot to bring awareness of gun violence.”

The Texas Coalition to End Gun Violence also submitted legislative proposals that could prevent future mass sh00tings.

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“We don’t want to take your precious guns away. We just want common sense gun laws that will stop this senseless killing,” said Velma Duran, whose sister, Irma Garcia, was ki!!ed in Uvalde.

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