Fernando Botero Death Cause: Did She Die In Any Disease?

Fernando Botero, a Colombian artist who was one of the world’s most respected and popular artists, died on Friday in Monaco. He was well-known for his lavish representations of bloated generals, bishops, prostitutes, housewives, and other characters from his wild imagination in his paintings.

The 91-year-old artist, who lived in Monaco, died of pneumonia, according to his daughter Lina. Colombian President Gustavo Petro first announced the death on social media. The President referred to him as “the painter of our traditions and defects, the painter of our virtues. In this article, you can read about Fernando Botero Death Cause.

Fernando Botero Death Cause

Fernando Botero, the acclaimed Colombian artist known for his distinctive style of sensuous figures and political humor, died on September 15, 2023, at the age of 91. Lina Botero, his daughter, confirmed his death and reported that he died in Monaco from pneumonia complications. Botero, known for his exaggerated and rotund depictions of people and objects, left an unmistakable influence on the world of Colombian art.

Here is a tweet about the RIP to our beloved Colombian artist Fernando Botero.

He worked tirelessly at his Monaco studio until soon before his death, exhibiting his everlasting passion for his craft. Despite his deteriorated physical condition, he even experimented with water paintings when he couldn’t handle oil paintings due to his fragility.

Fernando Botero was known not just for his artistic ability, but also for his exceptional discipline and work ethic. His family and friends attested to his unwavering dedication to his craft, as he painted every day, from daylight to night. He remained laser-focused on his task, even observing utter quiet to avoid interruptions.

Fernando Botero Biography

Fernando Botero Angulo was born on April 19, 1932 in Medell, Colombia. His father died when he was a small child, but his uncle supported him for two years as he pursued his ambition of being a matador, enrolling him in a Jesuit high school and encouraging his creative activities. He was a lifetime bullfighting fan, and bullfighting scenes may be found in some of his older works. Mr. Botero was expelled from his Jesuit school for expressing “irreligious” ideas in a paper titled Pablo Picasso and Nonconformity in Art.

Fernando Botero Death Cause
Fernando Botero Death Cause

Fernando Botero Career

Fernando Botero’s artistic career was distinguished by a fascinating voyage of research and aesthetic progress. Here is a rundown of his career highlights:

Early Artistic Beginnings (1948-1951)

Botero’s artistic adventure began in 1948, when his first illustrations were published in the Sunday edition of El Colombiano, a famous newspaper in Medelln. His early experiences as a newspaper illustrator aided his developing interest in art. During this time, he attended the Liceo de Marinilla de Antioquia.

Formative Years in Bogotá and Spain (1951-1953)

Botero went to Bogotá in 1951 and soon after presented his first one-man show at the Galera Leo Matiz. In 1952, he moved to Barcelona, Spain, with a group of artists, where he stayed short before continuing on to Madrid. He attended the Academia de San Fernando in Madrid, where he received a more systematic artistic instruction.

Paris and Florence (1953-1954)

Botero’s artistic interests led him to Paris, where he spent most of his time studying the paintings in the Louvre. From 1953 to 1954, he resided in Florence, Italy, immersing himself in the works of Renaissance artists. These international experiences profoundly inspired his artistic style and approach.

International Recognition (1950s-1960s)

Botero’s art began to gain international acclaim in the 1950s and 1960s. He had over 50 exhibitions in major cities throughout the world, showing his distinctive style of proportionally enlarged, or “fat,” figures. This particular style became his signature.

Colombian Artists’ Salon (1958)

Botero won the ninth edition of the Salón de Artistas Colombianos in 1958, cementing his status as an excellent artist.

Theme Exploration (2000s)

Botero’s career took a tragic turn in the 2000s when he developed the Abu Ghraib series, which addressed the mistreatment of captives at the Abu Ghraib jail during the Iraq War. This series drew international notice and demonstrated his commitment to tackling urgent topics through his art. During this time, he also revisited prior subjects in his work, such as family and motherhood.

Fernando Botero Death Cause
Fernando Botero Death Cause

Legacy and Versatility

Botero’s art ranged from still lifes and landscapes to situational portraiture during the course of his career. His paintings and sculptures were distinguished by their unusual proportions and “fat” figures, which he intuitively accepted and later justified. Despite spending the majority of his time abroad, he regarded himself as the “most Colombian artist living” owing to his own artistic personality.

Fernando Botero’s career spanned decades and included numerous stages of artistic discovery, from his early influences in Colombia to international renown and his commitment to tackling social issues through his art. His work is still acclaimed and admired by art aficionados all over the world, making him one of the most prominent Latin American artists of his generation.

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Fernando Botero’s Marriage and Children

Gloria Zea was Fernando Botero’s first wife. The couple married in 1955 and had three children. Botero remained in New York after their divorce in 1960. Fernando married Cecilia Zambrano in 1964. However, she and Fernando welcomed a son into the world in 1974. Unfortunately, their kid died in an accident in 1979. Fernando and Cecilia divorced in 2004, however, the reason for their split was never revealed.

Later, in 1978, Fernando married Sophia Vari, and the couple continued to commute between Paris and Monte Carlo while residing in both cities. Sophia was also an artist, but she died in May of this year after a long battle with ovarian cancer. Stay tuned BLHS News for more updates and news.


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