Florida School Shooting Reenactment Live Ammunition On August 4th!

A judge was told Thursday that a replica of a 2018 mass sh00ting at a Florida high school would occur early next month as part of a civil lawsuit and will utilize live ammunition with a bullet safety device.

Circuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips approved a deal negotiated by attorneys for the victims’ families and former Broward Deputy Scot Peterson to do the reenactment on Aug. 4 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s three-story classroom building.

Former FBI agent Bruce Koenig, a ballistics specialist for the family, testified that live shots sound different than blanks. A significant question in the complaint is what Peterson could hear during the Valentine’s Day 2018 massacre, which ki!!ed 17 people and injured 17 more with an AR-15-style rifle.

“You want to imitate the situation as closely as possible,” stated Koenig. He went on to say that blanks are “almost as loud, but there is definitely a difference.”

Florida School Shooting Reenactment Live Ammunition On August 4th

Peterson, the school’s on-campus deputy, was acquitted of criminal charges accusing him of passivity during the shooting last month, but the civil case against him is still ongoing.

Family attorney David Brill states that the live rounds will be shot into a ballistic bullet trap, widely used at gun ranges and by law enforcement labs to catch the ammo safely. “It is, in fact, perfectly safe and controlled,” Brill explained.

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According to Michael Piper, Peterson’s attorney, the deal will result in only one reenactment rather than two as originally envisaged. The concept was also supported by a Broward County school board attorney.

“We think this is the best way to approach it,” Piper explained. “We don’t want to put the community through that twice.”

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